X-BOW FMA Crossbow string for Cobra System, Black/Red


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With the string from X-BOW FMA, the Cobra System Adder crossbow gets a string that is better than the original! As a 100% European product, Dyneema SK75 is used as the main material, a very durable fiber with high durability and very low creep. Quality is at the forefront of the processing, each fiber has a uniform diameter and is coated with special wax.

X-BOW FMA pays special attention to the servings: The center serving is made of braided Dyneema SK75 and Vectran and optimally protects the particularly stressed area of the string. The servings around the string loops, on the other hand, are made of a twisted UHWMPE material that is bonded with special resin. All together, this makes for a high-performance string that is more durable and tear-resistant than any other string.


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