SET X-BOW Cobra System Adder Pistol Crossbow, 130 lbs


Add classic bolts

X-BOW FMA carbon bolt for Cobra System, Cobra R9 & Adder, 7,5 inch, Standard HD, 10 Pcs 39,99 
X-BOW FMA carbon bolt for Cobra System, Cobra R9 & Adder, 7,5 inch, Standard, 10 Pcs 29,99 

Add additional hunting bolts

X-BOW FMA Adder Hunting bolts, 8.5 inch, Pack of 2 14,99 

Add a spare string

X-BOW FMA Crossbow string for Cobra System, Black/Orange 24,99 
X-BOW FMA Crossbow string for Cobra System, Black/Red 24,99 

Add a bag for easy transport and safe storage

EK ARCHERY Cobra System R9/Adder Bag 31,99 
Product price: 399,00 
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EK ARCHERY Cobra System Adder – 130 lbs – Pistol Crossbow

Strikingly different! As poisonous as its eponym! – These are the impressions you get the first time you see and shoot the EK ARCHERY Cobra System Adder.

Strikingly different, as its appearance is unusual. The distinctive triangular shape is not only the result of an innovative technique, as it has never been easier to stretch a crossbow: The long connection between the pistol grip and the point is the lever for stretching the crossbow. But how does it all work? The answer is simple and, above all, much better than with all conventional systems. Because when the cocking lever on the pistol grip is released and pushed forward, the entire trigger unit, including the safety device, also moves forward and locks into place on the relaxed string. If the cocking lever is now brought back to its starting position, the trigger unit with the engaged string moves back to the launch position and the crossbow is cocked. And thanks to the long lever, it requires considerably less force than conventional systems.

Innovation 2.0 – Pistol crossbow with a magazine

As poisonous as its name giver, anyone who has shot the EK ARCHERY Cobra System Adder once will understand. Despite or even because of its power, the necessary safety has been taken into account and the crossbow has been equipped with dry fire protection.

In addition to the unique cocking mechanism, there is now another innovation on the pistol crossbow market: A magazine for the bolts! Yes, you read that right, the EK ARCHERY Cobra System Adder has a magazine above the rail, in which up to 5 bolts are accommodated. This automatically places a bolt in the rail when the crossbow is cocked and the crossbow is ready to fire. The days when the bolts had to be carried in the quiver and inserted individually for each shot are gone.

In addition to design and power, the materials used and other equipment details are also convincing: the pistol crossbow itself is made of high-strength plastic, the rail and cocking lever are made of metal and the limb of pressed fiberglass. The upper mounting rail has a built-in rear sight and front sight and can be used as a mount for a scope. Further Picatinny rails are attached at the front side, as well as for mounting a tactical front handle on the cocking lever.

All Cobra System Adders on sale are original products from EK Archery. Warranty, spare parts, service and maintenance are fully guaranteed by us as an authorised dealer of EK Archery.

Draw weight: 130 lbs
Shaft: plastic
Bow: fiberglass
Length: 57cm
Width: 47cm
Weight: approx. 2kg

1x red dot sight
1x tactical front handle
1x shaft extension
1 x 5 bolt magazine
5x 7.5″ carbon bolt
1x shoulder strap
1x string wax
1x safety goggles

Additional information

Draw force

130 lbs

Bolt Length

7,5 inch


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