HORI-ZONE Redback Pistol Crossbow, 80 lbs, Black Green


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HORI-ZONE Torpe Bolts, 12 Pcs 17,99 

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Aluminium Bolt BOLT WF, 6.5 inch,12 Pcs 6,99 
Aluminium Bolt BOLT PL, 6.5 inch, 10 Pcs 10,99 

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HORI-ZONE Redback Replacement String, Green 11,90 
HORI-ZONE Redback Replacement String, Black 11,90 
HORI-ZONE Redback End Caps, 2 Pcs 2,99 

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elToro Pistol Crossbow Bag Mini-T 29,99 
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With the Redback, HORI-ZONE delivers a small and compact pistol crossbow that convinces you right away. The plastic used and the pressed fiberglass bow make the crossbow particularly light and handy. The ergonomically shaped pistol grip and the adjustable front handle ensure optimum adaptation to the shooter and the necessary comfort when shooting. The lower Picatinny rail is extra long so that the handle can be placed individually. The Redback is cocked via the rear clamp. To do this, simply release the safety catch and press the handle downwards. The string is then pulled back and cocked. In order to protect the crossbow from an unintentional release or a dry fire, it has a double safety mechanism: First, a classic dry fire safety device in the trigger unit and, secondly, the tension bar, which must first be engaged in its initial position in order to be able to fire a shot.

HORI-ZONE uses a high-quality BCY string for the Redback, which is normally only used for larger crossbows. The reason for choosing a brand string on a”small” pistol crossbow is clearly the longer service life and the better bolt speeds of up to 235 fps (approx. 257 km/h).

Draw weight: 80 lbs
Max. speed: 235 fps (approx. 257 km/h)
Power Stroke: 6″
Width: approx. 43.5 cm
Length: approx. 51 cm
Weight: approx. 0.75 kg

Color: Black

Shaft: plastic
Bow: fiberglass

Recommended bolts:
6.5″ bolts

Delivery contents:
1x pistol crossbow
3x plastic bolts with steel point
1x rope cocking device for changing the string
1 x rail lube

Additional information

Draw force

80 lbs

Bolt Length

6,5 inch


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