Safety and ethics are the cornerstones of using a crossbow. Make decisions in the field that not only keep you safe but also reflect well on the rest of the community as a whole. Crossbows can be fun but they are not toys.


Inspect all your equipment (crossbow, string, cables, bolts, etc.) before use ensuring your crossbow is properly assembled and in good condition. Do not use a damaged crossbow or equipment.


Never place fingers or thumbs on, in or near the arrow/flight track, the string and/or the cables. Placing fingers or thumbs on, in or near the arrow/flight track, the string and/or the cables may result in serious injury, including finger and/or thumb amputation.


Keep your finger off the trigger and the safety engaged until you’re ready to shoot. Re-engage the safety if you don’t end up shooting.


Always point your crossbow in a safe direction (i.e. where there is not anything or anyone who might be damaged if the crossbow discharged) at all times regardless of whether your crossbow is loaded or not.


Never “dry fire” (i.e., release a cocked crossbow string without a recommended arrow properly loaded into the receiver) your crossbow. Dry firing a Hori-Zone crossbow will immediately void your warranty and result in catastrophic damage to the crossbow. Should your Hori-Zone crossbow dry fire, you must inspect it properly or send to a qualified service representative prior to further use. Failure to follow these instructions may result in serious injury!


Only load properly spined (stiffness), sized (length) and weighted arrows with moon or half-moon nocks into your crossbow. All Hori-Zone crossbows come equipped with compatible arrows. (We recommend Hori-Zone brand crossbow arrows.)


Check to make sure the crossbow is fully cocked and the arrow is properly loaded into your crossbow before firing.


The only way to de-cock your crossbow is to shoot it into a safe target. Never attempt to de-cock your crossbow by hand or with a rope cocking device. Attempting to do so puts you at risk of personal injury.


Always wear quality, close-toed shoes or boots while operating a crossbow. Never operate in flip flops, slippers sandals or barefoot.


Check the string and cables for any signs of fraying; replace them before further use if you see any frays. To extend the life of your string and cables, apply lube wax to these areas every 5 to 10 shots or if you see any “white fuzz” begin to appear. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a break during use, which may damage your bow or cause injury.