How to keep your Hori-Zone Crossbow in tip-top condition.

A crossbow also needs keeping in tip-top condition and this should be done for many reasons but mostly for security. Looking after your Hori-Zone crossbow is very essential as this can influence even in your shooting accuracy. Below is a list of things to do which will also help not only to keep your crossbow in tip-top condition but will expand the lifetime of your components.

String And Cables

One of the most important things to do is to wax the string as well as the cables in the case of a compound crossbow, on a fairly regular basis. How often you should apply the wax depends on the type of crossbow and how often used. We recommend to wax the string every 15 to 25 shots but this can depend on many factors for you to judge. You should always check the instruction manual that came with your crossbow and see what is the manufacturer’s recommended waxing frequency.

The Rail

Apply two drops of lubricant to the middle of the rail and spread it across the entire length of the rail with your finger, this will provide much smoother traction of your bolt with minimum friction, substantially increasing accuracy


You’ll want to apply one or two drops of lubricant to the trigger box, as well as onto any visible mounting bolts, such as the ones connecting the riser with the stock. The goal of the latter is to protect the bolts from corrosion and damage due to weather conditions. If you have a compound bow, apply some lubricant to the wheels/axles as well to make sure they turn as smoothly as possible.

Crossbow & Bolts

For safety reasons checking your crossbow limbs for cracks or splinters, checking your strings for loose threads, checking your bolts for loose tips or nocks and even for loose bolts/screws can make a very significant difference in safety to yourself and others around you.

Clean The Scope

Ideally, you should use lens cleaning wipes for this purposes so as not to smudge the lens. You don’t need to do this one often, just whenever you notice your vision starts to get obstructed or if you accidentally leave a fingerprint on the lens.

Removing Dirt

Compressed air can for removing dirt be ideal but at the end of the day as long as you keep the crossbow clean and then lubricated you can use brushes, cloths etc. Make sure to get rid of any dirt and dust that might be stuck inside the rail and in any possible nook, groove, or connection point.

Bolts & Screws

From time to time you should grab your tools and give all the screws and bolts a little tighten up session. The constant use of crossbows and the vibrations caused will loosen many bolts and screws which can be essential for the well-maintained crossbow and most importantly your safety.